New statistical data is added (April, 2020)

Definition is revised in statistical LOD of Japan.

Improvement of definition

Some dataset definitions are added.
According to DCAT specification, spatial coverage and temporal coverage are added to dataset definition.
A property about dataset is changed.
Frequency property about dataset is changed to DCAT vocabulary.
Catalog definitions are added.
Catalog definitions are added according to DCAT specification.
Classes of administrative district are added.
Classes of administrative district are added to define spatial coverage of datasets.
Prefectural capital:
Classes of time are added.
Classes of time are added to define temporal coverage of datasets.
e.g. year:
Class about temporal changes of administrative district is revised.
A class of "reason for temporal changes of administrative district" such as abolishment, absorption and name changes is added.
URI about frequency is revised.
URIs and identifiers are revised according to SDMX specification.
  • Every five year
  • Every fiscal year

Revised URIs are defined by "dcterms:isReplacedBy".
The turtle file can be downloaded from data download page.