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List of measures

Measures are defined across government statistics. Measures used in government statistics are as follows.

Government statistics Measure URI
Population census Population estat-measure:population
Number of households estat-measure:households
Age estat-measure:age
Population estimates Population estat-measure:population
Annual report on the internal migration in Japan derived from the basic resident registers Population estat-measure:population
Economic census for business frame Number of establishments estat-measure:establishments
Population estat-measure:population
Labor force survey Population estat-measure:population
Consumer price index Index estat-measure:index
Family income and expenditure survey Amounts of money estat-measure:moneyAmount
National survey of family income and expenditure Amounts of money estat-measure:moneyAmount
System of social and demographic statistics (common measure) sdmx-measure:obsValue

System of social and demographic statistics uses common measure for all items and contents of measure are represented by dimensions "indicator".